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Gait analysis


Optogait is a state of the art system of analysis that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Previously only available for elite sportsmen and woman this innovative system is now available exclusively at our Hesketh Bank Clinic.

All data is displayed in real time through the software platform (affording instant decisions on treatment protocols) and paired with both lateral and sagittal video analysis.
Data is stored over time, affording the clinician the ability to determine effectiveness of treatment.

Injury prevention is enhanced via objective data, showing increased asymmetrical tendencies before pain sets in.
Chronic injuries are addressed by identifying the root cause of problems.
All aspects of dynamic motion are recorded to ensure you are functioning at the highest level.


Would I benefit from Optogait analysis?

We all place considerable forces through our feet daily and over the course of our lives our feet will develop and change, through our initial period of growth as a child through adolescence, into adulthood and old age. Many problems that can affect our lower limbs, knees and hips can be caused by habitual poor gait patterns and overuse/overload. Anybody can benefit from Optogait analysis and it is especially relevant for sports people.

Whats the difference between optogait and other gait analysis products?

The webcam, which takes up to 30 frames a second, makes it possible to obtain numerical and video data in real time for gait, running and jump tests. The images and easy to read report contains all data, and asymmetries between the two legs are highlighted instantly. Optogait does not only detect the numerical data, but via the cameras, which can be freely positioned, it allows the user to aquire images in real time under natural conditions which a single pressure plate or static cast of the foot cannot do. The tests are dynamic which mimics our normal activities during day to day or sports specific tasks.

I have always had my gait checked on the treadmill when buying new trainers? Isn't this the same?

No this is not the same at all. Being asked to walk or run on the treadmill may help pick up only gross movements of the foot and lower limb but does not analyse your gait as you land or pick up asymmetries during flight times or on loading or push off phases of the gait cycle. More importantly, it is not usually carried out by a suitably qualified physiotherapist or podiatrist who is properly trained to not only see what is happening on screen but who also understands fully how it may or may not affect your gait and whether it is clinically relevant.

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

A full lower limb biomechanical assessment including optogait analysis will take about 60 minutes to carry out by a fully qualified podiatrist in our clinic. You will be provided with a full report for your information. Fees will vary depending on your choice of service. You can request to have analysis only or you may wish to combine the gait analysis with assessment of a particular condition or injury. Please call the clinic to request prices for your specific requirements?

I have medical insurance, will it cover this?

You must check the terms of your personal cover but optogait lower limb biomechanical assessment is accepted as the gold standard by a number of health insurance companies including BUPA.  Please contact our clinic to discuss options of claiming through your provider.

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