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Strive Orthotic Sandals

Strive orthotic sandals have been developed by LBG Medical Ltd who became the first custom made foot orthotic laboratory in Europe.

They liaised with foot care specialists on a daily basis to manufacture state of the art custom made insoles/orthotics and for more than 35 years and millions of custom made insoles later, they are still the world’s leading foot health care supplier to the medical market. With over 55 members of staff each working daily to hand craft specialist orthotics for people from all walks of life – From elite athletes through to acute diabetics.

However, recognising that many of their clients were not wearing their orthotics through the summer months from feedback from podiatrists they developed the Strive brand which incorporated an orthotic into the base of the sandal. This important development allowed clients to continue their therapy through the summer months and give the best support for their feet.

The practice has a range of Strive footwear for patients to see and order.

The practice can also supply customised sandals based on your original prescription through LBG medical and can supply Birkenstocks and Havianas in this format.

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